Sub-theme leader

KURISU, Kiyo (The University of Tokyo)


In the project’s overall goal of creating new scientific information on climate change impacts and adaptation measures, climate change impacts on people’s quality of life (QoL) has not been sufficiently evaluated thus far. The ultimate goal of this study is to evaluate the impact of climate change on QoL. In particular, we will clarify what factors determine the QoL in each region and how it will be affected by climate change. In addition, we will discuss and evaluate adaptation measures to maintain QoL.

Research outline


  • To clarify the overall understanding of what factors determine QoL in each region.
  • To predict the impact of climate change on the underlying infrastructure and local industries and to evaluate the adaptation measures.
  • To predict the impact of climate change on QoL and assess the effectiveness of various adaptation measures

Research targets and plans

  • Evaluation of current climate change impacts and adaptation conditions in each region
  • Survey of preferences on various components of QoL, targeting residents in each region
  • Development of a model to describe the climate change impacts on QoL
  • Evaluation of climate change impact and adaptation measures for QoL using the model as a basis

Possible adaptation measures

  • Reconsideration of seasonal events (holding time, etc.)
  • Development of new tourism resources
  • Introduction of green infrastructure
  • Measures against heat
  • Measures against infectious disease vectors
  • New initiatives for the continuation of local industries