Sub-theme leader

Yoshifumi Masago (National Institute for Environmental Studies)


An integrated model that enables the projection of a wide range of climate change impacts under any climate scenario will be developed, based on the input and output values ​​of the impact projection models developed in the S-18 project. This integrated model will be utilized in an adaptive pathway analysis to answer the question: which adaptation measure needs to be started, and by when? In addition, we will develop a scientific database of the effects of climate change impacts and adaptation measures, which will be integrated into the Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (A-PLAT) to provide scientific knowledge regarding climate change adaptation to relevant bodies (e.g., local governments).

Outline of the sub-theme 1(2)


  • Build an integrated model that can project impacts in a wide range of fields.
  • Develop analysis methods that can examine fields that require adaptation measures, and when they are to be implemented.

Target items

  • Construction of a database of climate change impact projection and potential adaptation measures.
  • Development of emulation methods for impact projection and adaptation evaluation models using machine learning.
  • Technological development for comprehensive analysis of the impacts in multiple fields.
  • Needs survey on scientific knowledge on adaptation for implementing bodies (local governments, etc.).
  • Examination of methods for providing scientific knowledge on impact projection and evaluation of adaptation.

Adaptation options

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