Theme leader

Nobuo Mimura (Ibaraki University)


The adverse impacts of climate change on our society are becoming apparent worldwide, and the establishment of adaptation measures to climate change has become an important social challenge. The Climate Change Adaptation Act (Act No. 50 of 2018) was enacted in 2018. The law stipulates that impact assessment will be performed to review the national adaptation plan based on the latest scientific knowledge and findings every five years, from 2020. Recently, the intensity and form of meteorological disasters have changed, as observed with extraordinary heavy rain events and typhoons such as Typhoon Hagibis. Prompt planning and implementation is necessary for adaptation to climate change. Scientific contributions to international efforts such as the Paris agreement are also required. Among the S-18 projects established to meet these challenges, Theme 1 has a role to develop a comprehensive research framework for impact projection and evaluation of adaptation.

Research framework


Theme 1 formulates a systematic research framework to project the impact risk of climate change in Japan and evaluate the effects of adaptation measures through controlling and minimizing the risk. The research framework includes the arrangement of common scenarios (climate scenario and socio-economic adaptation scenario) and the development of an integrated database and analysis tool that summarizes the results of impact projection derived by the S-18 project to support the national plan for adaptation to climate change. We will also develop statistical methods for data-driven approaches to projections of climate change impacts and analyze the implementation of adaptation strategies. We will contribute to international efforts, promote research exchanges with other domestic research projects, and exchange information with local governments, private companies, and the media.

Sub-theme structure

Sub-theme titleSub-theme leader
1(1) Development of Framework and Fundamental Information for Comprehensive Research on Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts and AdaptationNobuo Mimura
(Ibaraki University)
1(2) Development of an Integrated Database and Analysis Tools for Supporting Adaptation PlanningYoshifumi Masago
(National Institute for Environmental Studies)
1(3)1 Development of Statistical Methods for Data-driven Approaches to Projections of Climate Change Impacts and Analysis of the Implementation of Adaptation StrategiesNaoki Ishitsuka
(National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
1(3)2 Devising Statistical and Data-driven Prediction Methods for Characterizing Climate Change and Assessing Adaptation OptionsHiroshi Nishiura
(Kyoto University School of Public Health)
1(4) Development of Techniques for Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation Plans in terms of Synergies and Trade-offsYOKOZAWA Masayuki
(Waseda University)